Today, we're five

Today, we celebrate five years in business - five years of learning, growing and proudly bringing locally made luxury sleepwear essentials to our community.

Running a small business, especially in these times, is exhausting, rewarding, anxiety-inducing and wonderful.  We're so grateful to be doing this together, and to everyone who has supported us along the way.  We've got big dreams and we will keep working every day to make those a reality.

One of the core tenants of our company is that our products are sustainably produced in New York City.  Producing sustainably as a small business with small batches is not an easy feat, and one that requires us to make sacrifices to our bottom line on a daily basis.  We've been working behind the scenes to eliminate plastic from our packaging and we are so excited that we have finally succeeded.  

Poly bags are a staple of the fashion industry.  If you've shopped online, you've received clothing packaged in a poly bag.   They protect the items from moisture and other risks while in transit.  But they are also incredibly wasteful.  At NILETA, we have begun the transition to a 100% curbside recyclable, compostable and biodegradable glassine bag.  You will still see poly bags as we work through our remaining inventory, but we're thrilled to have taken this step as a company.

We've got a few other things up our sleeve this summer that we're excited to share, but more on those another time.  For now, we just want to say thank you for being here. 

xo Leliah + Kate