Hey, hi

We're Leliah and Kate.  Fun fact: we're sisters (that's us in that photo over there).  We started NILETA because we were looking for something better to sleep in. We were tired of logo-splashed separates, baggy old t-shirts and low-quality garments.  So we decided to design the loungewear of our dreams. We set out to create something comfortable, simple and modern; something an adult would wear (that's us now, right?).  You can sleep in it, you can lounge in it, you can run errands or meet your friends in it.  You can basically live in it.

Because we love the city we live in and we want to make sure no detail is ever overlooked, all of our pieces are made from start to finish in New York City.  This is extremely important to us and something we never plan on sacrificing.  It might mean our pieces cost a bit more than we had initially hoped they would, but it translates to quality and control, and that's what matters most to us.

A little about us: Kate comes from the fashion world, working in strategy and operations for several women's wear brands.  And Leliah worked in finance for six years before starting a real estate investment company.  We come from very different places professionally but it works for us. 

We know you have some shopping to do so we'll save all the details for another day.  But suffice it to say we've been dreaming of launching this line together for a long time.  We couldn't be more proud of what we've created, and we hope it helps you to dream a little bigger every day.