local, local, local

We are very proud to call New York City our home. Our pieces are produced from end to end in the Garment District, a neighborhood in Manhattan with a storied history. We work with New York based businesses every step of the way to take your pajamas all the way from a concept to the piece you get to wear to bed every night. This is an integral part of our brand and our identity as a company, and being made in the US is something we will never abandon.

We care where our clothing is made. And you should, too.


We produce all of our pieces in small batches in our New York city factory. Sure, this means we might be out of stock in a certain style for a little longer than we'd like from time to time. But it also means that our production process is sustainable: we aren't mass-producing pieces that we won't be able to sell. We don't have overstock that we will need to deeply discount, or worse, send to a landfill.

Since our factory is a short subway ride away, it also means we don't have to ship materials to and from our factory. This cuts down substantially on our environmental footprint as a small business. And we are working every day to be more sustainable and to fight against fast fashion.


Since all of our pieces are made in our backyard, we have a lot of insight into the process. Our factory isn't across the ocean, it's across midtown. When we are actively producing styles we are checking in with our factory on a regular basis. And since we are producing in small batches there's more attention paid to each piece.

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