We are celebrating one year in business this week!  Our first year brought a lot of fun, new friends and a whole lot of lessons.  We're so excited for everything that is yet to come, but we also wanted to take some time to reflect.  And as we looked back on the past year we realized that we never really broke down what our tagline, Sleepwear For Us, means to us and what it means to our brand.  With the launch of our birthday ad campaign it seemed fitting that we have this chat now.

When we hatched the idea for NILETA nearly a decade ago, we knew exactly what we wanted to create: modern, simple pieces for every woman.  It was what we wanted to wear but we couldn't find a brand that was making it at a reasonable price point and according to our standards (100% silk, washable at home, and most importantly: made in the US).  All these years later, here we are, with women all over the country wearing our pieces every day.  When we think about it, it's pretty amazing.  We're just two girls from rural Pennsylvania, making our own way in New York.  But that's the whole point.  Sleepwear For Us is sleepwear for all of us, for every single woman.  No matter where she is from, no matter what size she is, no matter what she does for a living, no matter her age.  We want every woman to put on our pieces and feel amazing and special and capable.  Every single time.

We've said it before but this is something we dreamt about bringing into the world for a long time.  A year into NILETA's existence, we truly hope that your new silk PJs are dream inducing: that they allow you to dream a little bigger every single day.  Thanks for joining us so far.  We hope you'll stick around and see what's next for our little company.